Kim’s Education


PhD ~ Esoteric Philosophy & Hermetic Science: Ritberger Ins. for Esoteric Studies
Masters ~ Intuitive Diagnostics: Ritberger Institute for Esoteric Studies


Professional Training:
  Certified ~ Personality Psychology & Typology: Ritberger Institute for Esoteric Studies
  Certified ~ BioSonic Repatterning (Sound healing): John Beaulieu
  Reconnection ~ Level III Practitioner
  Reiki Master/Teacher (Shihan):
           ~ Komyo (Usui)
           ~ Western/Tibetan (Usui)
           ~ Karuna
           ~ Lightarian

Counseling & Volunteer Training:
  Parent EffectivenessTraining
  Transactional Analysis
  Addictions including alcohol, drugs, and food
  Counselor/Volunteer ~ Rape Crisis line
  Group Therapy

Corporate Training:
Motivational techniques, leadership skills, facilitation, negotiation, stress management, and problem solving. Most importantly, I learned how to lead people into change in a way that minimizes fear and encourages excitement.