“Kim is absolutely astounding!  I’ve been lucky enough to work with her
regularly, and every single time she holds healing space for me, I find
that, even when I walked in feeling most broken, hurt and scared, I walk
out feeling profound shift.  after a session with kim, I have incredible
insight and clarity, specific and accessible tools and approaches, and
know beyond a doubt that I am able to move through whatever the challenge
is…because I’m held in the love that she embodies so brilliantly.  every
time.  I cannot recommend her with enough enthusiasm or reverence – she
will change your life.  Thank you, Kim!”

Anna D.

“Kim is like a musician who has learned to play many different instruments.  She practiced them, integrated them, and became a symphony.”

Aliecia C.

“Hi Kim,
I wanted to let you know how I am doing after the soul reading.  Well, if someone were to look at my life on the outside they would say that nothing has changed.  No big volcanos erupting or anything like that. But alot has changed on the inside.  The alone feeling has left and when it seems to be peaking over the horizon again, I am able to notice it, question it, and reaffirm that I am already filled up with love inside of me.  The negative tapes don’t seem to be so insistent and when they appear I can recognize them as just an old tape, nothing real. Whereas before my mind was directing me, I can now make a choice and choose something different from what my mind is telling me.  I feel like a big weight has been lifted from me… “

Jo Ann P.

“Everything about the (Karuna Reiki) class was positive.  Kim provided a nurturing, calm, beautiful environment.  She taught the materials in a loving manner providing guidance when necessary.  She was able to answer all questions that were presented in a very clear manner that was easy to understand.  All parts of the class were presented with love and grace.”

Susan W.

“As a result of attending the Karuna Reiki class, I spiritually and physically feel I am living on a higher vibrational level.”
JoJo J.

“I came away (from Komyo Reiki Shinpiden level) with much more than I thought possible.  The hands-on practice was a wonderful experience.  It (the class) is life changing.  It was all a very positive experience for me.  I am a changed person because of the class.”

Cheryl B.