“Kim works from a very pure place.  Her sensitivity to energy and loving approach made it easy to trust her and to move through a wide variety of issues in a very short period of time.  She has studied well and has a great array of tools to use. She helped me make the shifts I needed in my life in a large way.  With great inspiration she was always responsive to my needs as a client.  In this age of celebrity healers, she is the real deal!”

Diana – age 53, Interior Designer & Recovering Alcoholic

“I have had years of experience with alternative and holistic healers but Kim English is by far the best I have encountered. I initially felt comfortable with and felt she was truly reading me accurately. Her down to earth demeanor and wonderful sense of humor are the icing on the cake! I feel lucky to have met Kim and know that she is partly responsible for the pain relief I am now experiencing. Kim is a rare gem for anyone in pain or anyone just looking for a wonderfully enlightening experience.”

Anna, age 20 – Student

“Thank You! for the healing time we spent with you!  I say “we” because Anna & I have had such a joint journey!  Anna said you were the best reader (most accurate & best connection) she’s ever had (& she’s had quite a few). We both felt an affinity.”

Karen – (Anna’s Mom) Advertising

“I hope you remember me.  I am Barbara one of the ladies you did the detox [footbath] for at the Harmony Fair on Oct. 8th [2006].  I loved it and I am feeling so much better.  I also bought the detox pills and I do believe they are working.  I have also listened to the [your] CD and fell in love with it.  You don’t know how much not only your treatment did for me but our conversation.  It was so nice to hear about retirement from another woman.  I am much more with peace with myself since I met you.  I wanted you to know this and I would also like to stay connected to you.  I would like to get another treatment in the near future.  Again Kim, I just wanted to thank you and let you know how I am feeling thanks to you.  I will contact you soon.”


“I have physical complications related to congestive heart failure and
degenerative disc disease. I have experienced more mobility and less pain in my back and neck. The burning and numbness in my legs and feet has decreased in intensity, as has the pressure in my chest. Kim’s insight, clarity, and guidance as well as her varied and intuitive use of modalities have significantly improved my health.”

Gail, age 66 – Retired Substance Abuse, Marriage, and Individual Counselor

“Dear Kim,

For months (years) I have felt so much intensity in my core gut, but couldn’t seem to move it out. My efforts were niggling at it and triggering the response to stuff it with carbohydrates. You were right, a huge amount of deep grief being held tight, apparently my whole consciousness invested in holding it there since childhood. I have a wonderful man in my life and sometimes I love him so much it feels painful, as if I am prompted to expand beyond the shape I have hence occupied.  In order to fully accept this love, I had to choose to give up my old love – grief. Not enough room for both. One negates the fullness of the other.  

After our reading, that night I went to bed and the tears finally came up. I knew it was time. I went out to the couch, curled up in a warm quilt and had a good release. By morning, I had the strong seeds of a respiratory infection, another form of release.  Its amazing how much lighter I feel in my gut and my whole being. (Further evidenced by the return of humor, which has been missing though I hadn’t noticed!) One of my practitioners commented on how much more relaxed and lighter everything is too. Your reading was “key” in the middle of that process. It alerted me to allow this release, and it was certainly the less painful alternative!”

Thank you Sweet Kim!

Deborah – Fine Artist, Healer, Aromatherapist